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We are not about uncontrollable growth, big people rotation and body leasing. We are creating something different and that is why we focus on people and quality.

Going forward, we could copy-paste a lot of text to sugarcoat you into come working for us. But why should you take us for our word? Instead we encourage you to ask our people and get a real feel how it is to work in Devōt.

Join us and seize the benefits of working at Devōt

Work in a carefully crafted work environment

From your work station and equipment to your team, we want to make you working hours as enjoyable as they get. Hence no open space, no distractions, no fuss.

Get mentorship and professional support

It doesn't matter if you're a junior learning the basics or a tech-lead wrestling a complex domain problem, there's always someone you can turn to. If the problem is too complex, we'll even hire an external consultant to help you out.

Take care of your health and wellbeing

Regular physical activity helps you maintain mind-body balance, and then there’s also an annual medical exam just to be sure your body works as sharply as your mind does.

Make your dedicated educational budget count

We encourage you to pick all the conferences, workshops or courses that will keep you motivated and up-to-date. And when you're done, don't forget to share the interesting takeaways!

Be free to work where and when you want

If you feel like moving your workspace to some place with a view, we'll fully support it. The same goes for your working hours. We're flexible, as long as you respect the deadlines and the rest of your team.

Sleep tight knowing it's a long-term commitment

We know a keeper when we see one, and don't mind having it black on white. Expect an open-ended contract, steady work flow, respectful relationships and little to no drama. Work happily ever after!

We love working with people who set goals and follow through;
people who leave their heart out on the metaphorical field, no
matter if it’s a tangled code or a bold business objective.

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Such people like us back because we keep finding ways to ignite
their passion and challenge them with compelling tasks. Also, we
know how to reward excellence.

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Together, we deliver intelligent solutions for greatclients. Individually, we do jiu-jitsu, windsurf, sing in achoir, kick ass in boardgames and much more. It does wonders for productivity and work-life balance.

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