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size matters

Small enough to show devotion, big enough to achieve results.

It all started in one guy’s bedroom…Our story started in 2016 with a few friends sharing the same approach, values, and passion for technology.

Soon, our core team grew organically, creating a company with the highest standards and opportunities for professional growth.
Company story 1
To innovate is to say no to 1,000 thingsRather than blindly accepting every offer thrown at us, we decided to focus on understanding our clients' needs and problems.

This meant taking a smaller number of projects but making a bigger impact.
Company story 2
In metrics we trustEverybody loves measuring their achievements, so here's a numerical overview of Devōt.
Yearsof solving digital challenges
Projects on time
Projects on timeonly 6% needed an extended deadline
Employee retention
Employee retentionacross various career paths
Expertsready to solve your problem
Technology Fast 50 Central Europe
Financial times
Europe's Fastest Growing Companies
Certificate of Excellence in Creditworthiness
ISO Certificates
ISO Certificates
ISO Certificates
Trophy shelfInsert a sentence about singing our praises and celebrating the greatness of our achievements.
Our non-negotiablesSome qualities are a must when it comes to our clients, team members and the way we handle business.
Punctual deliveries
Reliability rooted in expertise
Prioritizing quality
Respecting deadlines
“No-nonsense” approach
NO to procrastination
NO to unnecessary features
NO to distractions
Building relationships
Sticking to your word
Investing in partnerships
Genuine care and understanding
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Meet the experts
Martin Morava
Martin Morava
Founder & CEO
Anđela Morava
Anđela Morava
Dominik Brkić
Dominik Brkić
Chief Financial Officer
Tomislav Brkljačić
Tomislav Brkljačić
Head of Product
Matej Dragun
Matej Dragun
Head of Engineering
Ana Ćuro Rukavina
Ana Ćuro Rukavina
Head of Human Resources
Our officesAlthough we appreciate remote work, sometimes our cozy offices are just what we need for teamwork and collaboration.