End-to-end support to your next big project

It doesn't matter if you’re just exploring options or you have already started taking initiative. We can meet you anywhere in your journey and help you see your best idea come to life.


Does your project have a future? Wouldn't it be great to
know before you invest time and money in it...
We're here to thoroughly inspect where you are with your project and then help you
move it in the right direction.
Consulting team
When it is needed
  • When you're not sure if you should pursue your idea and what to expect if you do.
  • When you see a specific problem or a process that needs fixing from the technical side
How it is done

We start by analysing the current state to fully comprehend the idea, its tech background and possible bottlenecks. Then we propose a solution or two – some of them being a quick fix, and some being more in-depth and long-term; either way, you'll be able to make a business decision based on each one.

Sometimes consulting revolves around internal processes. In that case, we like to spend some time with your in-house experts and advise them on workflow, efficiency and cost optimisation.

What you get

You get preliminary diagnostics for the project. Also, there are projections and technical guidelines on how to kickstart it. We like to think of consulting as a form of education and support the visionaries willing to learn.

Project StrategistBusiness AnalystSolution architectSoftware DeveloperProduct Manager

Product discovery

There's a long way from a clever idea to a valuable
product. You might want an adept partner for that
Let's get together and find the best way to fulfill your users' needs.
Product discovery team
When it is needed

When you have an idea about the awesome digital product but you're not sure how and where to start.

How it is done

During 4-6 weeks, we work collaboratively on challenging, testing and troubleshooting your idea to see if it lays on solid foundations.

The process starts with gathering all relevant existing information and involves brainstorming sessions, workshops, prototyping, user interviews, and in-depth data analyses to comprehend the target audience's needs.

What you get

You get a clear vision of what your product should be, along with ready-to-use project documentation. This package sets the ground for product development.

Let's suppose that we realize that the product might not be valuable, usable, feasible or viable during the discovery process. In that case, you get to change the course of your investment on time.

Project StrategistBusiness AnalystProduct DesignerSolution architectSoftware DeveloperProduct Manager

Dedicated team

You already know what to do? Great! Let's get you a team your project needs and deserves.
We'll fit it to your current and future needs, and your CFO will love you for it.
Dedicated team
When it is needed
  • When we just finished product discovery, and you decide to proceed with the development
  • When you have an existing project and need a team to support your growth
How it is done

Basically, we fit into your bigger picture. It all starts with determining the project scope and necessary skills. Since we hand-pick the people for each team, you never have to worry about the team dynamics and project management. It's a group of experienced and compatible professionals that deliver well-rounded solutions.

What you get

You get a team as a service. A well-oiled machine 100% dedicated to your project. You can check the progress, prioritise the tasks and ask questions at all times. It’s still your project after all.

Ruby developerDevopsProduct owner

Product development

This is where we turn a concept into something that people will use and, hopefully, love. Isn't that exciting?
Product development combines all the services mentioned above in order to produce a functional and maintainable software product.
Product development team
When it is needed

When you have a fresh new idea or you want to successfully finish an existing project.

Taking it from idea to production

Expect a meeting or a call because we want to hear your perspective, in details. After that, we dive into product discovery, which includes experimenting, iterative prototyping, interpreting data, and pondering over users' needs. Finally, we get the context and a clear picture of what has to be done.

How it is done

The process includes sharing our inputs and advice with you as we gain insights along the way. After laying a good basis, an agile team wraps the product development.

What you get

You get all our services at once; the best of our talent pool, our broad experience in development, and optimism. Finally, you get your tailor-made software product. The only thing left is to watch it change the world.

Software DeveloperDevopsProduct ownerMobile developerBusiness analyst

Work principles
that achieve results

Preferred way of work:
  • in an agile environment
  • following SCRUM ceremonies
  • practicing test driven development
  • delivering on 2-4 week basis
  • using custom CI/CD to provide transparency and insight to a client
We take deadlines and milestones seriously, so we always deliver on time and within budget.
We bring all our previous experience to each new project. This way, we save time that you would spend learning from your mistakes. We already did that for you.
We don't hesitate to tell it like it is, because we often foresee the possible issues even before the implementation. Always being honest and proactive, we help with suggestions on making the product as meaningful as it gets.
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