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What to expect of Devōt’s product discovery process

product discovery service

Customer-centric approach

Align your product development with customer needs, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.
product discovery services

Well-defined project scope

Define core objectives and priorities, allowing focused efforts on delivering key functionalities.
software product discovery services

Aligned stakeholders

Ensure alignment among stakeholders on project goals and priorities for efficient resource allocation.
product discovery process

Data-driven decisions

Make informed decisions backed by comprehensive data, ensuring your products meet market demands.
product discovery workshops

Enhanced product innovation

Stay ahead of the competition by discovering innovative opportunities and market gaps.
discovery phase services for product development

Accelerated time-to-market

Reduce your product development cycle by quickly identifying what customers need.

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Our journey with the product discovery process


User personas

Recognizing the target audience for whom we are solving a problem or improving an existing solution is crucial for a solid foundation to explore solution options.
USER-CENTRIC APPROACHDeeper insight into the target audience and user needs.

Problem statements

Problem statements are necessary to clarify the importance of the issue, who it affects, urgency, and the current solution’s satisfaction level.
ALIGNED OBJECTIVESStrong foundation for informed decision-making.

Benefit statements

Benefit statements are concise declarations that articulate product value to users and guide problem-solving identification iteratively.
GOAL CLARITYClearly articulate values a product will provide to users.

Dependencies and assumptions

For optimal implementation phase decisions, comprehensive info on functional and technical dependencies is crucial.
RISK MITIGATIONReduce risks of weak expectations and project plans.

Technical design

Choosing the right technical architecture and design is vital pre-build. Detailed technical designs show MVP maturity and support decisions during the implementation phase.
MVP PROPOSITIONAlign technical solutions with product requirements.

Project scope

We ensure the project scope aligns with the vision, guiding development and enabling informed decisions on resource allocation and timeline management for successful outcomes.
TIMELINE ESTIMATIONEstimate project timeline, milestones and features.

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