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Redefining employee queries with an AI workforce adviserAnalyzing how people ask and await a response instead of searching for answers within existing documentation led to the chatbot named “Ante”.

Ensuring that the chatbot “Ante” could accurately identify and provide relevant answers required teaching AI about internal documentation and turning that documentation into embeddings so that the AI could understand and compare questions effectively.
Redefining employee queries with an AI workforce adviser
Rectangle HealthHealthcareNew York, USA
Innovative solution for patient payments and registrationsSoftware that enables clients to create their own forms which can later be sent to patients. Those forms are used for scheduling appointments or delivering additional documentation to medical doctors and institutions.

Collected data is processed and delivered to health facilities. It can be combined with other systems from the Rectangle Health portfolio, such as the payment of the patient management bridge.
Innovative solution for patient payments and registrations
HealthcareNew York, USA
Telemedicine platform that empowers virtual care servicesWe have helped the client gather and grow 7 independent teams in 15 months. The teams consist of over 90 experts covering everything from Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, iOS, Android, SCALA, project management and business analytics.

We take pride in the biggest Ruby on Rails team and the most extensive Rails project that has ever been developed in Croatia.
Telemedicine platform that empowers virtual care services
TrainlineTravel industryLondon, UK
Smoother ticket purchase on prominent rail and coach platformTrainline sells train tickets and provides live train times and railway information through the website and mobile app.

They noticed a significant loss of potential ticket purchases because many users try to book their next ride while riding through remote areas with weak internet coverage. Users churn due to long loading time, so we detected the bottlenecks and built a special booking form for weak-internet situations. It behaved exactly like the existing site but had an adjusted framework and library to load faster. The page load time was reduced to only 0.84 sec on the 3G network (12.7 times faster than before).
Smoother ticket purchase on prominent rail and coach platform
ESMEquine industryToronto, Canada
International web platform for managing horse showsEquestrian Show Manager (ESM) is a startup focused on building the world's best platform for digitizing and managing horse shows. The platform enables managing tournament arenas and stable/campsite registrations for a particular show. It helps show owners maximize their profits and provide the best experience for exhibitors, trainers, riders, and owners.

Besides building this complex platform from scratch, we resolved specific problems that occurred, like poor internet connectivity, because horse shows sometimes take place in remote and isolated locations.
International web platform for managing horse shows
ExpediaTravel industrySeattle, USA
Building up one of the world's biggest travel shopping platformsExpedia Group Inc. is a renowned online travel shopping platformcovering over 200 travel sites worldwide and making over 600 billion AI predictions a year.

They wanted to increase the number of clicks on suggested links in the footer of their website. For example, if a user searches "beach villa in Zadar", the result page shows beach villas in Zadar. Still, links in the footer suggest many other similar destinations. We created a custom-made solution for improving the quality of those links. It is based on data collection and AI.
Building up one of the world's biggest travel shopping platforms
Hello HunterSan Francisco, USA
Software product for sales call optimisationHelloHunter sells Predictive Dialer, a software product that significantly improves the sales call process. It dials multiple numbers simultaneously, and the ones that get answered are automatically connected to sales agents. This way, agents spend less time on non-sales activities like dialing, waiting for the response, etc.

Our service was product development focused on performance improvements. We started with consulting to spot the bottlenecks in the current system and then went through with software optimizations to boost the speed. This way, the system could work flawlessly even with millions of rows in CSV.
Software product for sales call optimisation
pricerat.ioe-commerceLondon, UK
Innovative web app for discount is a web app that helps users track the price changes and discounts in online stores. It ensures they never miss the best deals by sending notifications about discounts in the product groups they are interested in.

We have built a powerful web app that loads quickly and offers a top-notch user experience. A user can create a personalized product feed using keywords and follow the price changes over time.

The app works well offline and acts like a native mobile app even in airplane mode. Advanced algorithms help track price trends from a wide range of online stores, keeping users well-informed at all times.
Innovative web app for discount tracking
ELSMilano, Italy
Versatile ERP system for international translation agencyELS is a Milano-based translation and copywriting agency thatstruggled with multiple separate tools for resource management.

A creative client asked for a creative solution so we automated and unified their work processes by developing a multi-functional ERP (enterprise resource planning) system simply named ELS Portal. It automatically collects, stores, manages, and helps interpret data from various business activities therefore it easily replaced and surpassed all previous tools.
Versatile ERP system for international translation agency
weserve.ioCrowdfundingLondon, UK
Web app for well-organised dreamersWeserve helps social movements to get organised, raise funds, and achieve goals. Each group of enthusiasts, big or small, can gather followers and keep the momentum going without belonging to any political organisation. Projects are open for review, so vox populi is always one click away.

When we joined the project, the Weserve team was already working on the app and needed help on the technical side. Our tech architect started by designing a cohesive and maintainable system.

We supervised the entire dev team to ensure code quality and delivery, helped speed up internal processes and created the MVP on short notice. Since projects can be funded using crypto or any other currency, we set up a highly adaptive payment system that enabled multi-currency payments.
Web app for well-organised dreamers
Data architectZagreb, Croatia
All-in-one automated data processing solutionData Architect is a self-initiated and internally developed product from Devōt. It started as a small in-house project and ended up being a very complex ETL SaaS solution that gave us solid experience in that field.

It allows a user to access the data from the Facebook advertising platform and import it to Google Data Studio. It can also be used to create customizable dashboards and reports.

Data Architect can be accessed via trusted apps: Facebook and Google Drive, with a two-click authentication process. Once signed in, the user can choose among several free Data Studio templates and create beautiful reports in the blink of an eye.
All-in-one automated data processing solution
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