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devoted  adjective

de·​vot·​ed | \ di-ˈvō-təd, dē- \

Definition of  devoted

: characterized by loyalty and devotion

// we are  devoted  to your success


You have a great idea, great team but your project is still stuck? Let us come and help you organize, kick start your team and get your project moving!


Great ideas executed well lead to great products! Our team of software developers will turn your idea into an awesome product, always deliver the top code quality to ensure future scalability and extendability with ease.

These companies place their trust in us

The guys at Devot are our long-term partners and I would highly recommend them for any custom software development project. From a set of data, they are able to establish a principle, work out a rule, or suggest a reason for the failure or success of a project. Their analyses are always accurate and often original. They listen to our needs, learn and adjust quickly, and require little time to make a complete and useful contribution to the success of a project.

Matt Bedford

Founder and CEO @ ELS

Devot did amazing work as a developer partner for our company. They helped iterate, design, and produce our platform, and were always thinking beyond the next development cycle. Their research and suggestions were often better than those of our own internal team, which made them instrumental in developing a great product.

Mac Cobb

Founder @ Varacloud

We have been outsourcing development work to Devot for several years. We are building software that is successfully disrupting our market. One of the most impressive things about every Devot person that we have worked with, is how deeply they understand what we are trying to do from a business perspective, and the innovative suggestions that they provide to help shape our software to achieve our business objectives. Also, the quality of work from Devot is superb. We are constantly impressed with the extremely low level of defects. As importantly, Devot is constantly making suggestions how we can incorporate emerging technologies into our product to maintain our competitive edge. In summary, as a development partner, we definitely give Devot five stars!

Mark Stirling

CEO @ Equestrian Show Manager


We collaborate.

The key to creating a solution customers are happy with is understanding the problem we are facing. Translating clients requests into clear and concise specifications which make solid foundation for the project. Communication is key here.

We experiment.

Once we have pinpointed the problem the solution design process starts. Data based decisions and empathy towards users is what pushes us to iterate through the prototype until the final product is visualised.

We implement.

The blueprint is ready, time to build! The development team does their magic. Strict code quality standards regarding best practices and design patterns make sure the software delivered has the structural quality as well as the functional.


Work on the project by working on yourself.

We believe that work should not only be about the company and client success, but about the personal growth, too. By expanding one’s knowledge and skills in various fields, the company is advancing in the right direction.

Quality before quantity.

As much as the clients choose us to work on their projects, we also choose clients that fit our values and general vision of the company. We value quality of the projects over quantity, which goes hand in hand with our way of working in small, organized teams.

Communication is the key.

Asking all the right questions from the very beginning enables us to create results that meet the client’s requirements in a predictable time limit and within deadlines. This includes our questions to you, but discussion between the team members about the tasks, too.

Be one step ahead of the challenges.

We do not give in to the unknown or challenges ahead of us but fight them with our competence and constant learning. Quite the opposite, we enjoy a good test of our skills and knowledge.

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