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We give a duckDuck in the hand

No joke. When you join us, you’ll get your personal rubber duck. You’ll also get a place where you can develop and grow, both professionally and personally. If you side with us on that, check out our open positions. 

Open positions


Flexibility... with a structure


Structured onboarding process

Don't worry; we will never throw you into the water. Our flock sticks together, and you can expect a planned onboarding process that lasts 30 days.

Remote work

A must have option, don’t you agree? We are flexible when it comes to location, and offer remote, on-site and hybrid depending on your role and preferences.

Certificate-free sick leave

Sudden illness isn't in anyone's plan, so it shouldn't throw you off your game. If you are sick for up to three days, just inform your team! No need to deal with all dull paperwork.

Devoted to your development


Feedback culture

We are building a growth mindset with direct communication. So, with us, don't hesitate to speak your mind; it's us against the problem, not each other. We’re always open to growth.


The company's strength lies in how well it invests in its employees. Everyone has a different learning process, so if you need books or seminars, just name it! You can expect various opportunities for your professional growth. Just talk with your team lead about your educational budget.

Internal Workshops & Lectures

The curious case of Devōt people - we want to know... everything! We organize various internal workshops by both internal and external associates. You’ll have an opportunity to learn different skills and improve existing ones.

Career switch

Broadening your skillset and rekindling your passion is one of the benefits of a career switch. If you feel the need to go down a different path after some time of working in Devōt, talk with your team lead and see what other opportunities we can offer you.

Financial & health perks


General medical exam

We got you covered! Well-being goes hand in hand with physical and mental health, so you can undertake a complete medical exam at a private hospital once a year. In addition, we’ll cover a more detailed check-up if you have severe health issues.

CRO card

What better way to enjoy your summer days than spend them in tourist places around Croatia. You’ll get CRO Card every year during July.

Christmas gift & bonus

When it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, it’s good to have a few gifts up your sleeve! At the beginning of December, we announce our Christmas bonus for that year along with additional gift!

Referral bonus

What better way of marketing than word of mouth? And coming from your own employees sweetens the deal. We encourage you to refer your friends and acquaintances if you think they’d fit Devōt. If they become a part of our team and fit the position and company culture, we’ll reward you after their probation period.

Family matters


Kindergarten expenses

We know that child expenses can consume your budget, so if your little ones attend kindergarten, we’ll help you out by covering your monthly kindergarten fees. And yes, it doesn’t matter how many children you have!

Day off for new starters to kindergarten and school

The most important thing you have with your children is time. While financial support is important, actively participating in the lives of your children is always a priority. Every year, you'll get a day off for the first day of kindergarten. If your kid is just starting elementary school - you'll get a day off for that occasion as well.

Newborn bonus

What better way to celebrate a birth of a child than with a bonus!

Hiring process

Depending on the role, this is what our hiring process may look like.

Duck walking
Duck footsteps
  • CV Screen

    Our Talent Acquisition professional eye is ready to focus on the most qualified individuals for the job.

  • Introductory chat

    Intro call with talent acquisition is a two-way street, we will ask you non-technical questions and this is an excellent chance to ask everything you want to know about Devōt!

  • Devōt challenge

    We like to give you technical assessments for certain roles to see how proactive you are. Don’t worry; we do our best to keep it fun and give you enough time.

  • Technical interviews

    The best way to get a feel of your potential future position is to meet the team members and experts in your field!

  • Offer stage

    If you made it to this step, congratulations are in order! First, we need to confirm the details of our collaboration and prepare your employment contract.

Duck handshake

Check out what our team thinks about working at Devōt

At Devōt I don’t feel daily pressure which allows me to do my job in the best possible way. Instead, I feel like I am treated as an individual, with my values and shortcomings.

Leo Cvijanović,

Lead QA Engineer

Most important value at Devōt is the maturity to face complex challenges and projects. It means taking on challenges without fear. The result is getting the job done the best possible way.

Nikola Dugalić,

Software Developer

I started working at Devōt as a student, and as a junior, I was happy to get an opportunity to experience working on large projects. The company is rather small and I like that it provides a sense of a warm community.

Manuela Pleša,

Software Developer

If something is not working right, we discuss it immediately and try to find the best solution to a problem. Besides people, it’s one of the reasons why I’ve been here for so long.

Rino Kovačević,

Technical Lead

I acquired a lot of experience since working here as a junior QA and switching to development. Kudos to the tech leads and CEO, people here are very friendly, and the office environment is great.

Juraj Sulimanović,

Software Developer

Leo Cvijanović

Leo Cvijanović,

Lead QA Engineer

Nikola Dugalić

Nikola Dugalić,

Software Developer

Manuela Pleša

Manuela Pleša,

Software Developer

Rino Kovačević

Rino Kovačević,

Technical Lead

Juraj Sulimanović

Juraj Sulimanović,

Software Developer


Which of my traits will you guys in Devōt value the most?

Everyone has a company that suits them the most, and vice versa. To know if a company’s culture is the right fit for you, consider if your values align with your potential workplace. We developed our own values over time and came up with a list of characteristics that a Devōt person should possess:

  • honest and transparent
  • organized with personal responsibility
  • proficient and able to communicate tech and non-tech issues
  • well-prepared and to the point
  • cares about the company and the people in it
  • proactive and strives for excellence and improvement

How do I improve my odds of getting hired?

We know, we know... Applying for a new job can be stressful, and you want to maximize your chances of getting hired as much as possible. But take a breath and take a step back - focus on relevant information, not big keywords.

There are better approaches than generically listing every skill you have ever collected. So first, include the basic information like your contact and location, then provide us with your experience and education timing. Next, list your strongest skills relevant to the role, provide references, and don’t forget to add your personal touch - your hobbies or adding cool visuals, don’t forget the goal is to stand out. Finally, while we’re interviewing you, remind yourself that we don’t bite, relax and summarize your key information.

How long does it take to apply?

Nothing is worse than losing your desire to apply because the process is too long. We know that looking for a job that meets your needs can be exhausting, so we don’t want to discourage you from applying. You are only required to provide basic contact info along with your resume. A cover letter is not required, we can discuss all details later in the process.

What should I expect from interviews?

We are familiar with the phrase “the first impression is the last impression,” and we know it can give candidates a headache - what to wear, how to present… But don’t forget, showing your unique and authentic self from the beginning certainly goes in your favor.

On-site interviews are conducted in Devōt offices in Zagreb or Osijek, and video calls are conducted using Microsoft Teams. You will receive detailed instructions from our Talent Acquisition team on the timing, location, etc.

You did not hire me; should I apply again?

The truth is the company's success comes down to the people who make it, that’s why we strive to hire the best fit. However, we love establishing and maintaing long-term contact, so even if you don’t get the job, keep your eyes on our careers page! There are often new openings, and you can always apply again.

If you apply for several roles, we will provide feedback for each one, so don’t get your hopes down - if you don’t receive positive feedback for one of the roles, we might contact you for another opportunity. In the end, even if you are not hired, we keep your data on file for future opportunities; you never know when we will get a better chance to collaborate.

P.S. Don’t worry; you can ask to have your data removed from our system by contacting our Talent Acquisition team. Good luck!

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