Mid/Senior PHP Developer

If you are experienced PHP Backend developer this job ad is for you!
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We are not about uncontrollable growth, big people rotation and body leasing. We are creating something different and that is why we focus on people and quality.

Going forward, we could copy-paste a lot of text to sugarcoat you into come working for us. But why should you take us for our word? Instead we encourage you to ask our people and get a real feel how it is to work in Devōt.

Your expertise & experience

  • 2+ years of experience in PHP
  • Experience with PHP framework (Symfony, Zend, Laravel)
  • Experience with ORM/Doctrine2
  • Coding best practices (SOLID, DRY, design patterns)
  • Problem-solving skills
  • GIT version control
  • Communication skills and ability to work in a team


  • Develop functionalities for internal products based on well-written specifications provided to you
  • Write clear, reusable and test covered code
  • Work with the team on the design and architecture of the solutions
  • Contribute to the technical standards of the development team
  • Learn and apply new skills to your everyday work

Bonus points

  • Experience in TDD
  • Experience with CI/CD in complex systems

Money talk

    Nobody lives out of thin air, so we are aware this is an important topic. Still, we wanna get it right.

    So when we say “salary range” what does that mean? Well, as the term says, it’s a range, an average. That doesn’t mean you can’t go over the range or below for that matter. If we think you are a quality person, but “not quite there” in terms of qualifications, we might give you a chance to prove that you are worth being in the average range. That is why we have regular re-estimates. On the other hand, if you are worth more than what we offer, again, show us that you are the right person for us and we will gladly have you on board.

    The average range for this position is 15 000 - 23 000 for mid and 23 000 + for senior kunas gross1.

Join us and seize the benefits of working at Devōt

Make your continued educational budget count

We encourage you to pick all the conferences, workshops or courses that will keep you motivated and up-to-date. You will also have an access to a variety of industry-related books, magazines and additional reading materials. And when you're done, don't forget to share the interesting takeaways!

Sleep tight knowing it's a long-term cooperation

We know a keeper when we see one! That’s why we always tend to have our relations with clients, as well as our employees, on a long run. Expect an open-ended contract, steady work flow, respectful relationships and little to no drama.

Support in career path change

The grass is greener on the other side or you just getting bored with what you do? We want our people full their full potential, so we will support your career switch from one job position to another.

Be free to work where (and when) you want

If you feel like moving your workspace to some place with a view, we'll fully support it. We're flexible! The same goes for your working hours, as long as you respect the deadlines, client’s working hours and time of the rest of your team.

Team above all

We always work as a full team with clients. No body leasing. No need to hide discussions or our mistakes from clients. We value honesty and quality communication. This is how we built trust.

No overtime

We will never encourage burning the midnight oil. With good planning it can be avoided. Instead let's use our creativity to find out how we can optimize and automation to get to the goal quicker.

We love working with people who set goals and follow through;
people who leave their heart out on the metaphorical field, no
matter if it’s a tangled code or a bold business objective.

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Such people like us back because we keep finding ways to ignite
their passion and challenge them with compelling tasks. Also, we
know how to reward excellence.

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Together, we deliver intelligent solutions for greatclients. Individually, we do jiu-jitsu, windsurf, sing in achoir, kick ass in boardgames and much more. It does wonders for productivity and work-life balance.

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