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It’s Devōt's 5th Birthday - We Celebrated It With a Brand New Website

It’s Devōt's 5th Birthday - We Celebrated It With a Brand New Website

Krešimir Č

Krešimir Č.

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Aug 19, 2021

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It’s Devōt's 5th Birthday - We Celebrated It With a Brand New Website

After many sleepless nights and broken bones – our new website is finally here. Don't worry, we are joking – although the launch of the new web kept us awake, it was due to pure excitement.

Even after five years, we are still thrilled after every completed project – so you can only imagine how much pride and joy our new website brought us. After your read the headline, you probably thought: "What took you that long?". Well, to tell you the truth – we were pretty busy.

Lead by example

It took much hard work to get us where we are today, and we've done loads of great projects, so we believe it's time to share it with the world.

Just like everything we do – we wanted to do this right. Our new website needed to reflect our values, devotion, and creativity, so we knew – it was all-in.

First and foremost, we wanted to show you what Devōt really is and what we can do for your business; it was time to lead by example. What better way to show our clients and partners what we offer than by translating it to our own website?

Devōt team characteristics

It's all about the people

Before we dive into what we have been up to for the last five years, let us explain what Devōt truly is. Or even better – who are Devōt? The whole idea, like many great ideas in history, started in one guy's bedroom. A great hunger for success and striving for excellence, accompanied by many connections in the business world, were a great start. Still, you usually need a group of people you can count on to achieve incredible things.

At the very beginning, there were two main directions in Devōt and two partners. While the main focus was on development, we also tried to drive digital marketing automation. Even though we tried to build this hybrid model in both directions, soon our focus shifted solely towards development – with the first team of just two people, projects started to line up quickly.

The first employee on board was our Software Developer Rino, brother of a friend of our CEO Martin. After interviewing Rino in Martin's old bedroom, it was time to rent an office. And before you know it, that office became too small. Of course, over the years, we grew bigger and bigger, with almost 50 employees today, but our passion for doing amazing things is the same as that first day.

Devōt team in office

One memorable client turned into a network of satisfied partnerships

One of the first and most memorable clients from the early days was Essential Language Solutions from Milan in Italy. They had a particular "cry for help" request: they hired freelancers from Germany to build their ERP system development, and at one point, communication just stopped, and they couldn't get in touch with freelancers doing the job. Without any explanation, they were stranded in a terrible position, having a business build upon a system that just lost all development support. We, as a company, stepped in – took a project we knew nothing about, without any relevant documentation, and we managed to turn the situation around, help them complete the project, and further maintain their ERP system.

After developing the entire system for them, we still – to this day – have a great relationship with that client.

As our team grew with time, our clients became more prominent, and so did our passion for great results. The other memorable client was a UK company with a Google Ads integration problem, and since they were just in the idea phase – we offered them a creative solution that worked like a charm. It especially delighted one of the key people in the company, Robert. After a while, he left the company to pursue his project – and still under the impression he wanted to partner with us.

The name of that project was PriceratIO. But unfortunately, after mutually satisfactory cooperation, life took Robert in the other direction as he went on a new adventure. As for PriceratIO, we agreed with Robert that Devōt should take over the project. That is how PriceratIO became entirely Devōt’s project. Today, this comparison website, together with DataArchitect, is Devōt's product in development.

Then, Robert introduced us to a horse show management platform project. That project allowed us to contribute to the horse show industry by bringing cutting-edge technology. Not only did this technology help the show owners maximize their profits, but it provided a new experience for exhibitors, trainers, riders, and owners.

It was time to showcase our work

Word of mouth spreads quickly – especially when the client is satisfied, so they recommended us to one of our biggest clients today. Once the ball started rolling, recommendations continued to lead us to new clients – and our creative solutions delighted them. So far, we have never needed a sales or marketing department. By word of mouth, we got more projects in the doors that we could handle at some point!

After steady growth, today Devōt employs almost 50 people, and up until now, we focused solely on providing an excellent service which led us to grow. But it was time to show the world who we are and what we do. We wanted the new website to showcase our work and accomplishments internally and externally.

We had a critical external objective: to use this website as a case study – our company's best presentation, which shows what we can do and stand for. That's why we decided to make it stunning and memorable – so it can be visually appealing, eye-catching, responsive, creative, and bold.

We can turn clients' ideas into exceptional products because we are devoted to success, and we want our clients to see that as soon as they visit our website.

Therefore, without further ado, go and check our new website. Maybe you'll find out how we can also help you with your problem.