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Equestrian Show Manager


Project Duration:  5 years

We have built web platform for managing Equestrian Horse Shows competitions. Platform caters for everything a Show Manager needs, from organizing facilities that will host shows, registration participants, handling veterinary checks to reservations of stalls and campsites for competitors. One of the technical challenges on this project was that this is a completely web platform but as horse shows are often happening on the remote areas with poor internet availability this platform needs to be able to perform without any internet connection while keeping all web platforms functionalities. We are proud to state the fact that users named this platform as the world's best digital platform for managing equestrian horse shows This is the only platform of this kind in the world that is currently COVID-19 ready.



Project Duration:  3 years

Having the right content on the website can significantly increase your SEO score and result in millions of visitors. When you are a world class company with millions of daily visitors even the smallest thing matter. With Expedia we worked on a custom ETL system that combined the power of big data analysis. By gathering data from Expedia analytic tools and combining them with the external APIs we have built a system that helped Expedia to automatically generate relevant content that increase the number of page visits, to forecast future trends and to actively search for new content opportunities.

ELS Language Portal


Project Duration:  3 years

ELS is Italian based international translation company that works across various countries in Europe. Devot built them custom made cloud based software to help them run their agency. We covered everything from resourcing and verifying translators, managing projects with clients, assigning projects to translators, invoicing and account solutions up to the performance analytics.



Project Duration:  2 years

Trainline is a popular web platform for booking train tickets. One of the problems Trainline had was that a lot of their customer were buying tickets while taking a train ride. As many railways are going through remote areas mobile internet in those areas is flaky and slow. As original booking page was done in EmberJS, page was big in size which influenced on how long it takes to load in areas with slow internet speeds, and this resulted in a very poor conversion rates.

We reworked Trainline booking page to be lightweight and blazingly fast without using any JS framework while maintaining all of the existing functionalities. We managed to do that by using the latest techniques including building it as a PWA.

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